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Chef's Escape

Chef’s Escape

Culinary journeys curated by the world’s best Michelin-starred chefs

Private gourmet journeys with unrivalled insight

and exclusive access to the finest Michelin-starred chefs.

What if you could gain exclusive access to the kitchens of the world’s best restaurants? What if you could know their chefs' secret spots - the places where they find inspiration? 

Every world-class chef comes from somewhere, a land where they found their footing.

They are usually “simple cooks,” tireless workers who sometimes doubt their own
achievements but share a passion for haute cuisine and see themselves in constant service to their guests.

Gaining access to their world and meeting them to co-curate this exclusive collection of gastronomic journeys has been a joy and an honour.

“I’ve always loved being behind the scenes” says Juliana Angotti, former ballet dancer and founder of L’Hedonist.


This is how Chefs’ Escape was born - an exclusive collection of trips designed in
collaboration with the world's greatest chefs to combine two very hedonistic
passions: gastronomy and discovery.


You will walk in their footsteps, meet their producers, taste their favourite wines, cook
a little bit yourself and discover what it’s like on the other side of the kitchen


The universe of Michelin-starred chefs awaits you, on fully bespoke private trips
to suit your own preferences.

Emotion. Connection. Generosity. Ready to go?

Chef's Escape are completely private trips, on your dates, as a couple, with family or friends,

for a weekend or a week.


La Côte d'Azur avec Mauro Colagreco


Mauro Colagreco***

His heart beats to the rhythm of Argentina and Italy, but it is in Menton that the Chef has obtained absolute recognition for his three-star cosmopolitan table, the Mirazur.


Christophe Hay**

The Loire saw him grow and achieve excellence. Christophe Hay pays him a passionate and luminous tribute through Fleur De Loire.

AChef's Escape Christophe Hay-min_edited_edited.jpg


Voyage gourmet avec Niko Romito


Niko Romito***

It is in the heart of Abruzzo, three hours from Rome, that the three-star chef Niko Romito deploys all his talent in an impressive setting of steep mountains.


Chiara Pavan*

Chiara Pavan is not only a Chef, but a philosopher, with a strong commitment in preserving the traditions of the Venice laguna.

Chiara Pavan.jpg
Voyage en Italie avec Michelangelo Mammoliti


Michelangelo Mammoliti**

Savor the sweetness of Piedmont and the Langhe, hidden treasures of Italy that Michelangelo Mammoliti invites you to discover.

The haute couture of gastronomic journeys

Our journeys have been carefully crafted with Michelin-starred chefs to take you
behind the scenes. L’Hedonist will happily customize your itinerary to suit your mood
and your passions, or to help you celebrate a special occasion.

3. Firenze.png

L'Hedonist will


Book your plane and/or train tickets

Secure your accommodation in the hotels of your choice throughout the journey

Add extra nights at the beginning and/or the end of your trip

Organize for you to continue your trip into another region

Book your restaurants along the way for a complete gastronomic experience

Rent vintage cars to ensure you travel with style

Organize for you pampering moments or adventure experiences

Our team of Travel Designers will be with you every step of the way to fully personalize your Chef’s Escape.



Though he now works and lives in Paris, his heart and soul have not left the shores of Lake Garda where he was born. The chef invites you to discover his beloved region.

Le lac de Garde avec Simone Zanoni
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