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Gastronomic escape to Lake Garda

This exclusive escape designed for you by chef Simone Zanoni is an ode to the three regions that surround Lake Garda: Lombardy, Trentino and Veneto. It starts in romantic Bergamo and continues on to Lake Garda, a small paradise for any aesthete and gourmet travellers.


Citrus-lined pathways, bay trees and bountiful olive trees surround the magnificent lakeshore. As do the elegant 19th century villas where high society would retire for the Summer, to enjoy the unique scenery.


The area enjoys a mild weather, ideal for viniculture. In Brescia, Franciacorta produces some of the best sparkling wines in the country, found on the tables of prestigious restaurants.

Voyage gourmet au Lac de Garde avec L’Hedonist
Chef's Escape SZ6-min_edited.jpg

All around the Lake are produced white wines, dry as well as floral, Chiaretto rosé wine and Bardolino red with its fruity aftertaste.


Fish is the star of the menus, especially the famous marble trout, symbol of the Lake. Garda is also famous for its extra virgin olive oil as well as the lemons produced in traditional greenhouses.


Between Lake Garda and Bergamo, Michelin-starred Chef Simone Zanoni invites you to a gastronomic tour of the region where he was born and regularly comes to visit his family.

“Knowst thou the land where the lemon trees bloom. Where the gold orange glows in the deep thicket's gloom. Where a wind ever soft from the blue heaven blows. And the groves are of laurel and myrtle and rose?” Goethe

Lake Garda
by Simone Zanoni

The Michelin-starred Chef invites you to visit his very own Lake Garda. Because he loves his land and knows every village, vineyard and producer, he exclusively shared for L'Hedonist’s clients his favourite restaurants and secret spots, places that inspire him endlessly.

Romantic Bergamo

Nestled between old ramparts is the Unesco World Heritage city where the commedia dell’arte was born. Discover la Città Alta with a private guide, as well as an exclusive visit of the superb Palazzo Moroni, its collection of masterpieces and Italian gardens.

Le domaine Ca'del Bosco choisi par le Chef Simone Zanoni

Isola del Garda

Time has seemed to stop in the palace of Borghese Cavazza, built on the Isola del Garda. You will take a private boat ride to the palazzo and enjoy its suspended garden, age-old park and neo-gothic architecture.


Olive Oil and Pasta Workshop

Have a privileged experience in a lovely villa with a view and a cheerful Chef, master of the art of pasta. She will share her cooking secrets while you sample some of the best olive oils produced in the region.

Dégustation privée de valpolicella avec L'Hedonist
Le Palazzo Moroni à Bergame, voyage L'Hedonist">

Art and Franciacorta

Ca’ del Bosco arrived to the Franciacorta region like a whirlwind with its brand-new idea of blending modern art and wine estate. Its Annamaria Clementi vintage was picked by Chef Zanoni for Le George, in Paris. This private tasting will please both your eyes and your palate.


Michelin-star dinner at Lido 84

Michelin-starred Chef Riccardo Camanini and Simone Zanoni are long-time friends: they worked together at the Villa Fiordaliso in Gardone Riviera and Riccardo even cooked for Greta & Simone’s wedding. Chef Zanoni naturally chose to have you dine at Lido 84, his favourite restaurant, with a splendid view of the lake.

Atelier pasta au bord du lac de Garde, Italie

Futuristic Valpolicella

Wine and architecture lovers will find everything they’re looking for during this private tasting in one of the region’s most beautiful wine cellars. The daring architecture of the estate brings a remarkable taste to Valpolicella’s red and white wines, such as the delicious Kairos and Harlequin.

Chef's Escape SZ13-min_edited.jpg
Chef's Escape SZ14-min_edited.jpg


. With your private guide, walking tour of the Bergamo fortress, followed by Città Alta with a funicular ride

. Visit of Palazzo Moroni and its gardens


. At Franciacorta, private tasting in a remarkable estate full of modern art pieces

. Visit at leisure at Brescia. For car fanatics, we recommend a detour to Mille Miglia museum (to be paid locally)

. Cooking class in a lovely Garda lakeshore house. You will learn how to make the best pasta and other local specialties that you will then enjoy for dinner


. Private visit of the Borghese Cavazza palace, located on an island that you will reach with a private boat ride

. After Sirmione, visit some lesser-known beautiful villages like Peschiera del Garda or Lasize

. Private tasting of valpolicella in a futuristic wine cellar

. Dinner at Lido 84, Riccardo Camanini’s restaurant, 8th position in the World’s 50 Best Restaurant’s List (upon availability, drinks to be paid locally). 


. L'Hedonist suggest yoan electric bike ride between Bardolino and Punta San Vigilio with an expert of the region (optional, cost supplement)

Clients are advised to drink responsibly

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