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The Abruzzo and Rome, a match made in heaven

We were inspired by Niko Romito to create a seven-day trip in his region and throughout the irresistible duo that are Rome and the Abruzzo.
The austerity of Abruzzo traditions and the joyous aura of the Eternal City blend together as the main influences of the three Michelin-starred Chef.


In this grandiose landscape, home to the highest summits of the Apennines, the old vine vineyards of Montepulciano in Abruzzo produce an intense red wine with notes of flower and spices. There, Niko Romito expresses his talent with a simplicity stemming from the region’s sheepherding past.


Picturesque stone villages and medieval fortresses inspire his cuisine as much as the small towns of the Adriatic Coast and their salty air.

Voyage gourmet à Rome avec L’Hedonist

Upon the Costa dei Trabocchi, old fishmonger homes on stilts have become fashionable seafood restaurants where one can experience a more aquatic side of the Abruzzo.


Finally, it is in Rome, a centre of art and power, that all of Niko Romito’s influences come together. The Chef launched his Spazio concept restaurant in the capital, with a menu of gourmet dishes meant to be shared with friends. A casual cuisine that perfectly embodies the Eternal City.

“Our land is beautiful but also tough and full of contrast. Here, the summers are blazing hot and the winters freezing cold.” That is how Niko Romito describes his region, located near the Abruzzo national park.

The Abruzzo and Rome
by Niko Romito

The three Michelin-starred Chef invites you to discover “his” Abruzzo. Because he loves his land and knows every village, vineyard, and producer, he exclusively shares for L'Hedonist clients his favourite places and secret spots, that inspire him endlessly. As a student, Niko Romito walked the streets of Rome, which are so close to his home. You will discover the capital through his eyes.

Dégustation privée de Montepulciano avec des fromages de Scanno

The Casadonna
Reale experience

An immaculate monastery of utmost sobriety, walls covered with artworks from Ettore Spalletti, exceptional wines chosen by the sommelier Gianni Sinesi, every ingredient’s powerful taste exalted by the genius of Niko Romito and his brigade, service smoothly run by Cristiana Romito, a delicious breakfast: all this marks your unforgettable experience in the Romito family’s universe.

Visionary Montepulciano

Leonardo only sells his nectars to happy-few sommeliers. As a friend of Niko Romito, he accepted to open his cellar for you, for a very private tasting session, pairing with outstanding cheeses from Scanno, another one of the Chef’s favourite suppliers.

L'expérience d'un séjour à Casadonna Reale avec L'Hedonist
Atelier cuisine au Sextantio Albergo Diffuso avec L'Hedonist

Ancestral recipes

The founders of Sextantio, where you will sleep, made it their mission to recover ancestral recipes by asking the elders of Santo Stefano di Sessanio village for their secrets. Chef Niko Romito created the menu of the restaurant. Time seems to have stopped in the medieval kitchen where you will join in cooking your exceptional meal. 

Chiara’s vineyard

Enjoy a private wine-tasting in the estate of a Bulgarian family who has been growing vines since 1853. In 2004, Chiara took over the property to produce powerful and woody wines. A spot that the Chef’s Sommelier has exclusively shared with L’Hedonist.

Navelli, capitale du safran des Abruzzes
Dégustation privée de vins des Abruzzes avec L'Hedonist

Navelli’s gold

This breathtaking village with its ochre stone houses perched atop the hills is famous for its saffron production. Discover the secrets of its production in the local cooperative. Chef Niko Romito uses Abruzzo saffron in his delicate cuisine.

Castelli ceramic

Vincenzo and his son Antonio are the very last masters of glazed ceramic in Castelli. Meet them in their workshop to discover the art of maiolica that has made this town famous since the Middle-Ages.

Dîner dans un traboccho traditionnel avec L'Hedonist
Rencontre avec les maîtres céramistes de Castelli dans les Abruzzes

on the Adriatic

The Adriatic Coast is strewn with old fishmonger houses built on stilts – the trabbocchi – most of which are now restaurants. There’s nothing like having a meal right above the sea!  

Speakeasy gastro lounge

An inspired Chef turned a closed pasta factory into the first gastronomic speakeasy in Rome, a delight for pasta specialists!

Un atelier pasta à Rome en exclusivité avec L'Hedonist

The Vatican to yourself

The most visited City-State in the world opens its gates to clients of L’Hedonist before the flow of tourists, for an exceptional and spiritual visit.

Visite du Vatican avant l'ouverture des portes au public avec L'Hedonist
La "bomba" du chef étoilé Niko Romito avec L'Hedonist

Spazio Niko Romito
Bar e Cucina

With Spazio, Niko Romito has developed an all-new restaurant concept whose brigades are freshly graduated from his own Cooking school. The dishes are simple, light and impeccably cooked. You will have the pleasure of tasting his famous “Bomba” in Rome.

La Costa dei Trabocchi dans les Abruzzes en Italie
Les gardes suisses du Vatican, un voyage gourmet L'Hedonist


. Free time to visit L'Aquila, the Abruzzo capital city. 

. Experience around the saffron spice in the village of Navelli

. Continue on to Santo Stefano di Sessanio and settle in hotel Sextantio



. Easy level hike to Rocca Calascio castle and gourmet picnic at the foot of the fortress and products selected by Niko Romito

. Private tasting of the Chef’s choice of montepulciano and trebbiano wines as well as selected cheese and charcuterie

. Exclusive cooking class at the Sextantio followed by a dinner of your own cooking


. Visit of a maiolica ceramic workshop in the small town of Castelli

. Private tasting in the oldest wine estate in the Chieti province 

. Dinner in a traboccho on the Costa dei Trabocchi (to be paid locally)


. Free visit of Sulmona, famous for its “confetti” and the Pelino Museum

. In Pescocostanzo, meet an artisan of filigree jewellery

. Dinner at the Reale restaurant where the three Michelin-starred Chef works with his brigade and exceptional sommelier, Gianni Sinesi (drinks to be paid locally)


. Stop at ALT Stazione del Gusto, an all-new concept by Niko Romito where you’ll be able to purchase and bring home some of the Chef’s products

. Road back to Rome and afternoon at leisure


. Wake-up early in the morning to visit the Vatican before opening hours

. Cooking class at the first “gastronomic speakeasy” in Rome, followed by the dinner you have prepared


. Guided visit of the Galleria Borghese and its masterpieces

. Lunch at Spazio Niko Romito located right next to the Galleria (to be paid locally)

. Walking tour to the Coppedè neighbourhood to the discover the more Art Deco side of Rome 

. Gourmet dinner at the Aroma, a Michelin-starred restaurant  (drinks to be paid locally)



. Rome is all yours! L’Hedonist can also happily organize for you traditional visits (with extra charge) 

Clients are advised to drink responsibly

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