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Voyage en Italie avec Michelangelo Mammoliti


Michelangelo Mammoliti**

Michelangelo Mammoliti takes you on a culinary journey through the Piedmont and the Langhe’s hidden treasures.

  • Two exclusive escapes imagined in collaboration with the Chef Mammoliti

  • Gourmet dinner in his restaurant

  • Privileged moment with the Chef

  • Cooking class in a medieval castle

  • Go truffle-hunting

  • Taste the best wines and cheeses of the Piedmont

  • Create your own fragrance with a historical Turin parfumier

  • Luxury or Charm hotels


From €2,390 per person*

based on double occupancy

Departure from Turin

From €5,490 per person*

based on double occupancy

Departure from Turin

*Prices may vary when booking depending on availability

The subtle charm of Gastronomy

Taking a step back from unoriginal dishes and star chefs, Michelangelo Mammoliti is a man of locally sourced, stunningly simple cooking, who anchors his art in history and tradition.

Voyage avec un chef étoilé Michelin

Michelangelo Mammoliti grew up near Turin, at a very young age already a sous-chef in his grandparents’ family restaurant.

No wonder his cooking Bible is his grandmother’s book of recipes! Giving these traditional recipes a twist of exceptional flavours, he brings out nostalgia for his clients. An all-new concept he calls “neurogastronomy” and describes as “dishes that are like a home away from home”.


This very mature young Chef, with two Michelin stars, plays with childhood flavours and humbly expresses his love for the Langhe where he has settled for the last ten years, after working in the greatest French restaurants.


In 2022, he starts a new journey at La Rei Natura where the owner grants him "carte blanche" to give traditional Piedmont cuisine his very own twist.

Fromage Beppino Occelli choisi par un chef étoilé
Chef's Escape MM27 (2)-min.jpg

Meeting Michelangelo

First of all, a smile, shy, but quick enough honest and sincere, once Michelangelo Mammoliti grants his trust.

Michelangelo is a hard-worker, meticulous up to perfection. He is a master at cooking, and evidently two Michelin stars today will be three tomorrow.

Michelangelo is also discreet, slightly broody perhaps, but deeply connected to his land, his suppliers and, of course, his family.

Michelangelo is respect, at its core. Respect for the generous nature of the Piedmont which gives his cooking so much. Respect for his kitchen brigade, his team that works wonderfully. His cuisine is delicate, full of light and immensely aesthetically-pleasing: a shock, in visual and taste.

Michelangelo Mammoliti 2 étoiles Michelin & Juliana Angotti
Chef étoilé Michelangelo Mammoliti, voyage L'Hedonist

Lastly, Michelangelo is someone wonderful to meet and exchange smiles, extend mutual trust. We write to each other frequently.


I am in awe at his outdoor adventures, hours spent riding his bike in the steep hills of his beloved Langhe region.


Visiting his region and its tradition is discovering precise, perfect cooking, yet full of emotions and generosity.


Juliana Angotti, founder of the Hedonist

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