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La Côte d'Azur avec Mauro Colagreco


Mauro Colagreco***

His heart may beat to the rhythm of Argentina and Italy, but it is in Menton, France, that the Chef has received the absolute award : three Michelin stars for his cosmopolitan restaurant, Le Mirazur.

  • Two exclusive escapes co-curated with Chef Mauro Colagreco

  • Tasting dinner in his restaurant Mirazur, No.1 in The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2019

  • Visit of the Chef’s vegetable and citrus gardens

  • Mediterranean cuisine cooking classes and gourmet workshops

  • Discover the Riviera’s timeless Villas

  • Exclusive moment with the Chef’s ceramist

  • An exclusive perfume workshop close to Grasse

  • Luxury or Charm hotels


From €2,290 per person*

on a double room basis

Departure from Nice

From €4,490 per person*

on a double room basis

Departure from Nice

*Prices may vary when booking depending on availability

Once in a blue moon...

Mauro Colagreco is everywhere! A dozen restaurants, from Buenos Aires to Beijing and from Dubaï... to Menton. In 2019, Mirazur receives three Michelin stars and becomes the No.1 in The World's 50 Best Restaurants.

Menton sur la Côte d'Azur avec Mauro Colagreco, trois étoiles Michelin

How can he do that, one may ask. “My sense of effort, hard-work, passion and my team”  he answers ever so simply. Much more goes into it, of course. Mauro Colagreco did not become an icon of la grande cuisine by chance, but rather through constant exploration and an eye for perfection.


As a young cooking apprentice, he knew right away that he needed to be learning with the greatest French chefs. He consequently worked in the kitchens of Bernard Loiseau, Ducasse, Guy Martin. The rest is history. Or rather his story.

His environment-friendly and sustainable approach to cooking is crucial. The Mirazur became the first restaurant in the world to be certified “Plastic-Free” by reducing plastic use in its kitchen by 90%.


Mauro Colagreco is profoundly tied to the Earth. “I am a gardener posing as a chef”, he jests. A profound and sincere commitment that really speaks to his values. 80% of the fruits and vegetables served at Mirazur are cultivated in its own garden.


All of this leads to his revolutionary decision that in the restaurant there would now be “365 seasons, so that no two clients will ever eat the same thing”. No more signature dishes, the menu is dictated by the biodynamic lunar calendar, through four main axes: Roots, Leaves, Flowers and Fruits. And it’s not mere Chef storytelling! This wild endeavour makes each service unique and each of the happy few who taste it enthralled at the poetic nuances of this exceptional menu.

Les plus lumineux du Chef Mauro Colagreco, trois étoiles Michelin
Chef's Escape MC3-min.jpg


Mauro being from Argentina and myself from Brazil (like his wife, Julia), we got on right away, as Latin Americans!

Warm, hilarious and full of life, Mauro wears his heart on his sleeve and his table is open to all.


The first time I had dinner at Mirazur, I sat with him and his numerous Michelin starred Chefs friends – Alexandre Mazzia and the Tourteaux brothers to name a few. There were laughs – a lot of laughs; Champagne – a lot of Champagne; great wine; and dish after dish of food as delicious to the tastebuds as it was easy on the eyes. There was life and joy. I thought “how lucky I am to be here!

Chef étoilé Mauro Colagreco, un voyage L'Hedonist
Mauro & Juliana_edited.jpg

The kitchen, though, was rigorous and highly organized. An immense amount of work. Dozens of timers. The brigade was in the zone, sending each dish perfect down to its minute details to the tables of the lucky diners.


What I love about Mauro is how he overflows with vitality. His creative mind. His commitment to reducing the use of plastic – an abominable plague that suffocates our planet.


I hope you are lucky enough to experience, once in your life, this happiness and this delightful moment in the French riviera.


Juliana Angotti, founder of L'Hedonist

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