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Photo Credits

L’Hedonist sincerely thanks its partners, photographers and friends for the photos made available for its website (in alphabetical order):


Hotels of excellence, partners of L’Hedonist


Bawa Reserve, in Indonesia


Borgo San Felice, Tuscany

Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany

Fontenille Menorca, Spain

Kachi Lodge, Bolivia

La Dimora delle Balze, Sicily

Le Domaine des Etangs, France

Melissès, Greece

NORLHA and NORDEN CAMP,  two magnificent projects in the Tibetan highlands in Amdo

SINGITA, safaris of excellence

Les photographes

Bobby Burch, for the sailing boat

Pierre Cauchois, for the founder's portrait, in Paris

David Emrich, for Lençois Maranhenses in Brazil

Engjell Gjepali, for the  home page Tuscany's picture

Renée Kemps, for Melissès Andros

Mathieu Le Nir, for the founder's portrait, in Venice

Alexandra Nataf & Unconditional Magazine :  Home page picture of Kim Noorda in a Chanel dress, taken at Georgia O'Keefe's ranch

Allegra Pomilio, for Melissès Andros

Roberta Valerio, for Kachi Lodge in Bolivia (Home page) 


Annie Spratt, for Jaipur (around Allegra Pomilio and Roberta Valerio)

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