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Lose yourself
in Venice

Committed to the preservation of the laguna, Chiara Pavan invites you to explore Venice off the beaten track, take some time to listen to the lapping of the waves, to get lost in the smallest streets of Venice, finding your way through the 355 bridges overlooking the laguna. A slow, sustainable discovery of a city greatly impacted by mass tourism.


Take some hidden pathways through the City of Canals, leadings to small artisans, secret restaurants, sustainable producers. They all love La Serenissima and want travellers to get to know the soul of the city.

L’Hedonist takes you further than Piazza san Marco, to Mazzorbo, Torcello, Burano; islands where inhabitants revive millennial Venetian traditions.

Voyage gourmet à Venise avec Chiara Pavan & L’Hedonist

At Venissa, Chef Pavan’s territory, is located in the centuries-old vineyard of Dorona di Venezia, which was almost in ruins before being renovated by the owner. Or with the fishermen of Burano, eager to show the laguna in something other than a gondola.


An escape to revel in the Venetian art de vivre, (re)invented by locals with genius and respect for their city, as is Chiara Pavan and her sustainable cooking.

"It is always assumed that Venice is the ideal place for a honeymoon. This is a grave error. To live in Venice or even to visit it means that you fall in love with the city itself. There is nothing left over in your heart for anyone else." - Peggy Guggenheim

Chiara Pavan’s Serenissima

The Michelin-starred Chef invites you to journey in “her” Venice. Because she is committed to saving the laguna and its islands and because she knows every artisan and producer, she exclusively shares her favourite restaurants and secret spots, the places that endlessly inspire her sustainable cooking.

Through the eyes
of Carlo Scarpa

The incredible 1960s architect and designer from Venice left his mark on the city through his blending of ancient and modern, smooth and rugged, stone and steel. The Fondazione Querini Stampalia and the Negozio Olivetti are a testament to the multi-faceted, lesser-known side of Venice.

En Italie, voyage autour de la gastronomie avec L'Hedonist
L'œuvre de Carlos Scarpa à Venise, un voyage L'Hedonist

Cooking class
in a palazzo

This very special cooking class takes place in an 18th century palace! Get a feel of how creative and sensual Venetian cuisine can be. The experience begins in the farmers market of Rialto and Erberia, and then it’s your time to shine in the kitchen of the palazzo. A glamourous cooking session!

Murano’s new wave

Roberto Beltrami is the youngest master glassmaker of Murano, however he wasn’t born in Venice nor comes from a long line of glass artisans. In his workshop, Wave Murano Glass, he revolutionizes age-old techniques like “battuto” or engraving on cold glass, to create pieces loved by Chiara Pavan.

Un tour des bacari spécialement préparé par L'Hedonist à Venise

Heart of gold

In this secret workshop, 24 carat gold is the centrepiece. For a hundred years, the tradition has endured to transform gold into leaves as thin as a single hair, to adorn artworks, but also bottles of Venissa! The soft, muted atmosphere makes this a charming visit.

Un opéra pas comme les autres dans un palais de Venise, L'Hedonist en Italie
Découverte de la nouvelle génération de verriers à Murano, un voyage L'Hedonist

Bacari, cicchetti
and spritz

A bar crawl of the bacari (traditional bars) is a Venetian tradition. A glass of spritz in one hand and a small plate in the other, you can sit on a small bridge or on a porch to savour cicchetti (small appetizers) like tuna crostini, marinated artichoke, meatballs, grilled calamari. La felicità!

Adresses secrètes de L'Hedonist à Venise

A moving opera

The Fenice is one thing, but L’Hedonist has picked a more unique experience for opera lovers, one where the public is truly immersed into the best, most beautiful operas of the Italian repertoire. All of that in a 17th century palace!

A library of colours

Exclusive interlude at the 130-year-old workshop of Venice’s last master glassmaker, specialist of cobalt blue glass and gold-leafed mosaic. Everything is handmade using the world’s oldest artisanal mosaic oven. Over 3500 shades of colour are stored in their library, at least forty just for skin tones.

Un dîner inoubliable au Venissa, le restaurant de la Cheffe étoilée Chiara Pavan

of the laguna

A more offbeat experience of the laguna by those who know it best: fishermen. Through their stories and secret spots, you’ll get a grasp of the special connection between Venetians and “their” laguna’s natural resources.

Dégustation très privée de vins sur le domaine Venissa à Venise
Découverte des artisans authentiques de Venise, adresses secrètes de L'Hedonist

a different Venice

Stay in Venissa for a more authentic, natural, wild even, vision of the laguna. Away from the hustle and bustle of La Serenissima. This peaceful haven, 30 min from Piazza san Marco, is the audacious product of the Bisol family’s imagination. After completely refurbishing the Dorona wine domain, they fulfilled their vision of a Venissa art de vivre, collaborating with small producers and creating eco-friendly and gastronomic experiences. Mazzorbo became the refuge of Chiara Pavan, pouring all her love for the environment into her cooking.

La lagune de Venise dans un voyage de Chiara Pavan, Cheffe Michelin

In vino Venissa

An astounding visit of the domain to better understand the wine-making traditions of the Venetian laguna and the recent rebirth of viticulture in Venissa. The Michelin-starred restaurant’s sommelier will guide you through an exclusive tasting of six different white and red wines, including two of the Venissa Vintage cuvée.

Niché sur l'île de Mazzorbo, le Venissa de Chiara Pavan, Cheffe 1 étoile Michelin
Découverte gourmande de Venise avec ses artisans et ses spécialités, L'Hedonist voyages


. Visit of Venice with your private expert guide, following the footsteps of architect Carlo Scarpa

. Your stroll ends on the panoramic terrace of Fondaco Dei Tedeschi


. Cooking class in an authentic Venetian palazzo and lunch with your own creations

. The afternoon is all yours! L’Hedonist can also happily organize for you traditional visits (with extra charge) 

. For dinner, we have prepared a roadmap for you, with a selection of our favourite bacari (to be paid locally)


. Accompanied by your expert guide, discover the workshops of the artisans that give renown to Venice

. Visit the workshop of Murano’s youngest master glassmaker

. The Venissa’s sommelier will accompany you on a stroll in the Dorona vineyard, then guide you through a tasting of Mazzorbo wines.

. Gastronomic dinner at Venissa, the restaurant of Michelin-starred Chef Chiara Pavan (drinks to be paid locally)



. Morning cruise on the laguna with one of the 20 (crab fishermen) still left in Burano

. Visit of Torcello island with your private guide

Clients are advised to drink responsibly

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